2.5L Performance Software

2.5L Performance Engine Software

  • Power enrichment delay removed
  • Rev hang removed
  • Rev limit raised
  • Optimized Fueling
  • Optimized Ignition
  • Optimized cam phase control







N/A Engine


Performance engine software

Add-on SRI


Add-on Feature: Aftermarket short runner intake manifold.

Stage 1 F/I


Use stock MAF or United Motorsport ProMAF / 550cc injectors



United Motorsport Tuned vs. Stock 2.5L



Why is intake manifold tuning so important?
Take a look at the dyno chart below.
Red Line: tuned software meant for the stock intake manifold
Blue Line: SRI specific tuning.

Result: Improper or not tuned, the SRI manifold will create a ~30+ ftlb torque loss.

550cc injectors

on '05 to '08 cars: Use Stock MAF or United Motorsport Pro MAF

Stock 2.5L engine. Precision 6262. United Motorsport SRI.
~10psi boost:  310whp 267wftlbs



 Small Pro-MAF for Stage 1 application

Use up to 1200cc injectors.
Gasoline or E85 specific

'05 to '08 cars: Use United Motorsport ProMAF



Features of the United Motorsport
Performance Tuning Software:

Increased horsepower and torque - By optimizing a number of engine software settings horsepower and torque can be increased.

Improved engine response - By optimizing a number of engine software settings engine response can be improved greatly.

Optimized power delivery - Just because we’ve added more power, doesn’t mean the car needs to become a handful to drive.

Improved fuel economy - Often times our performance improvements will also lead to improved fuel economy.

We Also Do Custom Tuning!

In addition to the pre-build flash files, we also offer custom tuning services. These custom tuning services extend to customers with both naturally aspirated and forced induction setups (OEM and aftermarket). Have a Swap car? No problem! Please contact us to discuss your custom tuning needs.

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