Performance Software

The software on your car plays a huge role in the amount of power the car makes, the way the power comes on and the way the car reacts when you tell it lets go! Upgrading this software can bring your car to the next level. Be it one of our finely tuned forced induction flashes or a fully optimized flash for a naturally aspirated motor we have a solution for you.

Features of the United Motorsport
Performance Tuning Software:

Increased horsepower and torque - By optimizing a number of engine software settings horsepower and torque can be increased.

Improved engine response - By optimizing a number of engine software settings engine response can be improved greatly.

Optimized power delivery - Just because we’ve added more power, doesn’t mean the car needs to become a handful to drive.

Improved fuel economy - Often times our performance improvements will also lead to improved fuel economy.

We Also Do Custom Tuning!

In addition to the pre-build flash files, we also offer custom tuning services. These custom tuning services extend to customers with both naturally aspirated and forced induction setups (OEM and aftermarket). Have a Swap car? No problem! Please contact us to discuss your custom tuning needs.

What we need from you:

If you're not sure if we have software for your car, get us the box code of your ECU!

How do you do this? Hook your car up to VAGCOM and send a screenshot of the main engine information screen, and send us an email of it!

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